MARCO Events: 1st Stakeholder Workshop in Milano, Italy

The MARCO 1st Stakeholder Workshop will take place on the 31st of October 2017, following Climate-KIC’s “Climate Innovation Summit” in Milan, Italy.

MARCO (MArket Research for a #Climate Services Observatory) is to hold its 1st Stakeholder Workshop which will take place on the 31st of October 2017, following the event Climate-KIC’s “Climate Innovation Summit” in Milano, Italy. This will be followed with the 2nd Plenary Meeting, Governing Board and Executive Committee meetings on the 1st of November 2017. Climate-KIC coordinates the MARCO project, the above event is themed “Cities, Levers of Change”, with the participation of the Italian environment minister, sessions on topics such as urban food, circular economy, connectivity and resilience.

What is MARCO?

MARCO stands for MArket Research for a Climate services Observatory and is a H2020 funded project that addresses how climate services can better help fight and adapt to climate change. Climate services have experienced noticeable growth in recent years, however the market remains in its early stages: current strategies face knowledge and visibility gaps, while the associated economic benefits to users are either unknown or uncertain. This calls for the development of a global market for climate services.
Coordinated by Climate-KIC, MARCO brings together market research firms, climate scientists, climate services practitioners, and innovation actors, to provide a detailed insight into the market for climate services in Europe, in line with the challenge of enabling market growth outlined in the EC’s “R&I roadmap for climate services”.

Why you should attend?

This first MARCO stakeholder workshop will include interactive sessions that will engage multiple actors in the climate services market and foster exchanges and expertise-sharing between various actors in the field. Existing concepts of climate services and gaps in the knowledge and understanding of the services will also be discussed. This workshop hopes to trigger co-design of solutions and the potential market observatory and deliver foresight into future growth.

Exact location and agenda for the day will be communicated shortly!

More information & registration

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