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New study finds legal sector demand for climate services very likely to increase in near future

Law, and therefore legal services, will be indispensable to achieving a just transition to a low-carbon economy, as well as to ensuring that societies are resilient in the face of future climate-related risk. This renders the legal profession an essential actor, be it through crafting clear and robust legislation, ensuring compliance, or upholding constitutional rights. New research by Acclimatise, that

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MARCO infographics now available!

For the MARCO case study reports, qualitative and quantitative analysis of the existing and future demand for climate services have been undertaken. Sectoral characteristics that will be explored through the case studies include: ownership/operation of long-term fixed assets reliance on climatically sensitive natural resources, and association with the European or global climate services market amongst others. Currently, two case study

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MARCO Chats with Harilaos Loukos, Chair of the Advisory Expert Committee

In this section, we speak climate services with the MARCO project partners. Our second interview, this short Q&A features Harilaos Loukos with whom we discuss his interest in climate services and how projects like MARCO and EU-MACS will change the future of climate services in Europe. MARCO: What sparked your interest in the Climate Services? Harilaos: After my post doc I

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2017 recap : MARCO is making the case for climate services in 2018

Since its starting date in 2016, the MARCO project had a lot of action in 2017! MARCO (Market research for a Climate Services Observatory) Horizon 2020-funded project will address how climate services can better help fight and adapt to climate change. To tap into this untapped market potential in climate services, MARCO has taken steps to create an open, two-way dialogue

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MARCO was represented at COP23!

The MARCO project was represented at COP23 by Suzi Tart (LGI), one of the project partners. During the event, she met with the winner of the #MARCOCOP23 draw – an initiative created to boost participation in the climate services market demand survey and also appeared on a panel! Here’s a quick summary: “With Fiji presiding over COP23, world leaders focused

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A rundown of the MARCO 1st Stakeholder Workshop in 2017

The 1st MARCO Stakeholder workshop was organized in Milan (Italy) on 31st October 2017, back-to-back with the Climate-KIC Innovation Summit. The event aimed at sharing preliminary results and consulting stakeholders on open issues related to climate services. The workshop consisted of 3 major elements: The first element introduced the relevant EU-H2020 projects (MARCO and EU-MACS) and presented the concept of

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Transforming climate science into services: Create value instead of pushing concepts

Climate services are promoted as a solution to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and economic and political decision making. While focusing on user needs and developing new business models can indeed support climate change adaptation and mitigation, the eager talk about climate services may hide some critical challenges. The risks of climate change have been known for long, yet

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MARCO’s looking for interviewees in the building and transport sectors

Do you work within the building industry or the transport and logistics sector? And do you use weather or climate data, such as seasonal forecasts or other information about future weather conditions and their consequences? If you can answer yes to both of these questions, you are the person we are looking for to participate in a short 30 min.

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Analysing existing data infrastructures for climate services

The Horizon 2020 project EU-MACS (EUropean MArket for Climate Services) is in full swing and our research is showing first results. Acclimatise and EU-MACS partner Twente University finalised a report analysing the existing climate data infrastructure, and how it may inhibit or stimulate the European climate services market. The research involved mapping and cataloguing relationships of organisations involved in the climate data infrastructure value

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MARCO sister-project, EU-MACS now has public deliverables available!

The overarching EU call topic of climate services market research covers two topics, which are addressed in MARCO and its sister project EU-MACS (EUropean MArket for Climate Services). EU-MACS gathers 9 partners and will make the wealth of climate information truly accessible and applicable for a large variety of potential climate service users. In cooperation with current and potential CS users, the project will develop

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