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Climate change in the Alps: Threatening winter tourism and boosting summer tourism

The Alps are famous for their pristine slopes, which facilitate many popular winter sports, such as skiing. In fact, one third of every Euro that a tourist spends in Austria, can be traced back to tourism. However, climate change threatens the vitality of the mountainous terrain and the snow conditions that allow the snow sports to thrive. Yet, climate change

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Low snow cover threatens Swiss ski resorts 

The effects of continued global warming on Alpine snow cover could have a devastating impact on Switzerland’s winter sports industry. Switzerland, one of Europe’s principal winter sports destinations, expects the impact of climate change will leave many of its mountains short of snow cover by the end of the century. The prospect illustrates the urgent need for climate scientists to

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ICAO warns of severe climate change consequences for air travel

A report recently published by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO; a United Nations specialised agency), has highlighted that climate change will have a series of consequences for air travel. Increases of in-flight turbulence, an increase of take-off problems, ice, and dust storms are all among the likelz climate change impacts aviation will have to deal with. Additionally, low-lying coastal

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