Fifth International Conference on Climate Services

The Fifth International Conference on Climate Services will focus on capacity development (including formal and non-formal education, infrastructure, institutional capacity, etc.), with a particular focus on activities and persistent challenges in Africa.

Climate services have grown significantly in Africa over recent years. National initiatives, as well as international ones such as SASSCAL and WASSCAL, as well as programs implemented by the Global Framework for Climate Services and the UNDP, are already in place. Yet the needs for climate services to support governments, businesses, and the general public throughout Africa are far from being met.  Moreover, there is limited interaction between climate services programs that are underway, and the organizations involved. To address these gaps, the conference will focus on capacity building and forging connections.

Capacity building, including formal education are key elements of climate services implementation and sustainability, and will also be a major focus of the conference. The conference will give attention to professional educators of climate science, sustainability, mitigation and adaptation, and how we can grow their capacities and harvest and develop further those already working in the area. The opportunities for new collaborations in training, capacity development, and education will be explored.

With a focus on capacity development and education to advance the development and use of climate services, the conference will look to enable better decision making, risk management in the short, medium and long terms. With this in mind, the timing of this event is key, with the birth of the new generation of Sustainable Development Goals having high importance in Africa. For sustainability to be realised, education is absolutely crucial.

The conference will in addition highlight provision of climate services to support ecosystem services that support local livelihoods as well as mitigate climate change, issues of importance globally, and in Africa in particular.

This conference will bring together climate services users, providers, donors and researchers in worldwide to participate, looking to set the arena for a first chance of communication, knowledge exchange and cooperation across the continent, including networks of knowledge that are already working to provide science-based services to society in the field of adaptation to climate change. The conference will explore different methods and frameworks across the spectrum of climate services, and how they can work together and compliment each other for capacity development and the growth of knowledge and partnerships. Focus will be given to the exchange of capacities of users, technologies used, bridging different working and knowledge areas, and engagement. The conference will provide an opportunity to present work of on-going initiatives, findings and lessons learned; and allow exploration of opportunities for program linkages and collaboration.

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