Recap: MARCO’s 1st Plenary Meeting in Valencia

“Valencia was a great city to hold the first plenary meeting. As Climate-KIC Spain hosted the meeting, our discussions took place in the beautiful botanical gardens. The highlight for me (apart from the giant paella) was showcasing the 24 posters that LGI and Smith created to illustrate how climate services are being used across various economic sectors in Europe. Regardless of where the next plenary meeting will be, one thing is for sure: Valencia will be hard to beat!” – Suzi Tart (MARCO Project Partner, Trend Watcher @ LGI Consulting)

The 1st Plenary Meeting took place in April 2017 right before the Climateurope Festival which brought together more than 100 different climate service researchers, suppliers, users and funders to Valencia. Keeping in good taste, the MARCO partners chose to hold the first plenary meeting in the city just days before the Festival so that partners could participate in both.

During this meeting, MARCO partners were able to network, dine and discuss the progress made while assessing project milestones met so far. More updates can be found in the MARCO newsletter!


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