In this section, we address frequently asked questions about the project.

What is MARCO?
MARCO stands for MArket Research for a Climate services Observatory and is a H2020-funded project that aims at characterising the current and untapped market for CS in Europe and to derive opportunities for market growth. MARCO will provide a series of case studies from the market assessment and will also forecast the future user needs and assesses the Climate Services market growth until 2030.

What are the objectives of the study?
The project’s key objectives are to: assess the EU market of climate services; validate and enrich the market assessment with case studies; forecast future user needs and assess market growth until 2030; and unveil opportunities and promote market growth.

What is a Climate Services Observatory? 
The observatory will be a mechanism to capture the state of the market at given points in time, and will also forecast future needs and directions of the market growth.

What are the 9 case studies?
The 9 Case studies are:
Tourism, Austria
Real Estate, Copenhagen
Mining Sector, EU
Legal Services, London
Renewable Energy, Denmark
Water Supply & Sanitation, Catalonia
Critical Energy Infrastructure, Germany & Poland
Forestry and Agriculture, France
Urban Infrastructure, Munich

When will you have results?
The project anticipates an initial round of results to be released in approximately month 12. At which point there will be a stakeholder workshop convened.

What are Climate Services/ How do you define Climate Services?
Although we acknowledge that the definition is broad, MARCO currently works with the definition laid out in the EU’s Roadmap for Climate services which is:
“the transformation of climate-related data — together with other relevant information — into customised products such as projections, forecasts, information, trends, economic analysis, assessments (including technology assessment), counselling on best practices, development and evaluation of solutions and any other service in relation to climate that may be of use for the society at large. As such, these services include data, information and knowledge that support adaptation, mitigation and disaster risk management (DRM).”

Can I get involved?
Yes – you can register to be on the stakeholder database for MARCO in which you could be asked to participate in a survey or questionnaire. You can sign up here.

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