MARCO Survey: Mapping of EU-based climate services suppliers

Do you consider yourself a supplier of climate services?

This survey aims to gain further information about the nature of climate services providers/purveyors and their portfolio. Your participation will allow MARCO better assess offered climate service information, data and tools to be used for climate-related acivities distinguishing between commercial  and open source products in all identified categories of climate services suppliers.

What is the context?

Climate related data, information and tools are part of the solution to one of the biggest challenges of our times – climate change. Only joint efforts will help to successfully tackle this challenge. One element in this joint effort is to better understand the current landscape of climate related data, information and tools, to match these information with expressed needs and identify, in which areas we need to improve.

What is the aim of this mapping?

The supply with climate related products has increased over the past years. The main objective of this mapping is to get an overview of the currently provided climate related data, information and tools in terms of targeted sectors and user groups, or types of services. The results of the supply side analysis will be matched with the outcomes of a demand side analysis to identify gaps and, consequently, potential for future developments.

Who is addressed?

The survey addresses providers of climate related data, information and tools in the broadest possible meaning. This includes private companies, public authorities and research-oriented organisations such as universities. The survey is available in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

How long will it take you to participate?

It will approximately take you 10 to 15 minutes to fill in the online survey. It will be possible to pause the survey and continue later. You will receive a code that allows you re-start where you have paused.

How will you get access to the results?

The mapping will carefully be analysed creating a snapshot of the current landscape of providers of climate related data, information and tools across Europe. The results will be synthesised in a report that will be available in autumn this year.

P.S: Survey available in multiple languages.


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