MARCO was represented at COP23!

The MARCO project was represented at COP23 by Suzi Tart (LGI), one of the project partners. During the event, she met with the winner of the #MARCOCOP23 draw – an initiative created to boost participation in the climate services market demand survey and also appeared on a panel! Here’s a quick summary:

“With Fiji presiding over COP23, world leaders focused on how they could implement the technical aspects of the Paris Agreement. Attendees were very much interested in scaling solutions to achieve this goal, with climate services being recognised as one of those solutions. Speaking on a panel at a side-event held at the European Investment Bank’s pavilion, I had the incredible opportunity to present the work I had done for LGI as part of the MARCO project. The panel was focused on adaptation and climate resilience, and the event attracted a room full of investors, bank representatives, and public-sector officials. Discussions centred on the role of companies and other sources of private-sector investment in building climate resilience, particularly within developing countries. I am very much looking forward to presenting further updates from the MARCO project at COP24, as well as seeing the progress that has been made with the finance that was committed to climate services at Bonn. See you in Katowice!” 

– Suzi Tart (MARCO Project Partner, Trend Watcher at LGI)

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