Adaptation Futures 2018: 5th International Climate Change Adaptation Conference

Adaptation Futures 2018 builds on the legacy and key messages that emerged from the previous conferences.

4 Key Messages from Adaptation Futures 2016

  1. The adaptation community should remain dynamic, learn from other communities and develop synergies. It is key to connect scholars with policy-makers and practitioners, focusing on solutions.
  2. Innovation is essential for adaptation. The adaptation community needs innovative research on new ideas, products and services, as well as social issues, and how business and stakeholders can work together in new ways.
  3. Stakeholder collaboration with respect, trust and equity is essential. Connecting different groups will not in itself lead to climate adaptation, but increasing collaboration between different stakeholders will  contribute significantly to a more resilient future.
  4. Business can contribute to adaptation solutions. Although there is a gap in terminology and priorities between academia and business, companies are feeling the impacts of climate change and can contribute to adaptation solutions.
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