360° view of the climate services market

Demand and supply gaps pose a critical challenge to the expansion of the climate services market in Europe.
MARCO will address this challenge by providing a complete, 360-degree view of the current market, and how it can expand in the future.


Demand for climate services can be divided into current users and non-users, each with their own needs. MARCO explores what these needs are, as well as the decision-making processes that trigger a shift to the consumption of climate services. Needs within various economic sectors will be explored, complemented by face-to-face interviews regarding current market shortcomings.


MARCO will carry out a foresight exercise that outlines market growth through the year 2030. Employing both quantitative and qualitative approaches, MARCO will generate insight on economic and sectoral activities within the EU. As current forecasting approaches use differing assumptions about climate vulnerability and market risks, MARCO will develop a framework to assess these methodologies with improved accuracy.


In assessing the supply side of the market, MARCO will map business models currently in use, and identify best practices for suppliers in their business model design. A SWOT analysis of EU climate service suppliers on the international stage will also be carried out. Combined with global risk scenarios, the analysis will help to pinpoint areas of high vulnerability as well as high-capacity for investment.


A key feature of MARCO is that it identifies opportunities to propel market growth. This will be useful for both the supply and demand sides of the European market. The objective of this in-depth gap analysis is to reveal business opportunities by identifying the market areas where the demand is high but where no services are offered or are very limited.