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MARCO and EU-MACS to be presented at Climateurope Festival 2018

The MARCO project will be presented during the Climateurope Festival 2018 “Climate information at your service”, taking place in Belgrade, Serbia, on 17-19 October 2018, together with the sister-project EU-MACS.  The event is an opportunity to actively interact with users and suppliers of climate information, share best practices, gaps and recommendations and discover the state-of-the-art about climate observations, modelling and services. On 17 October afternoon,

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2017 is set to be among the three hottest years on record

The year isn’t over yet, but we can already be sure that 2017 will be among the hottest years on record for the globe. While the global average surface temperature won’t match what we saw in 2016, it is now very likely that it will be one of the three warmest years on record, according to a statement issued by the World

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